Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Freedom to Marry

There is an organization called Freedom to Marry that is very proactive in the pro-homosexuality cause. They keep their members updated on the legal battle for homosexual rights and have recently asked their members to post a few pictures. I encourage everyone to join their email group to receive notifications of how the homosexual fight is progressing and what you can do to assisst it. The pictures are found below. For more images follow my:
Tumblr: minorvoice.tumble.com
Google Plus page or Community: Voice of the Minority
Twitter: @Alexminorvoice

I won't share many more photos on this blog as it is more article oriented and it makes more sense to post pictures on websites better designed for images.

Note: I'm not being payed or asked by them to advertise them nor do we have any form of relation beyond ny being a member of their organization.

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