Sunday, March 3, 2013

Homosexuals ARE Oppressed!

     I had a friend recently say that he did not believe that homosexuals are oppressed, so I'm going to list some reasons as to why they are, but first, the definition of oppression as defined by Google: Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control. With that in mind let’s now examine how people oppress homosexuals:
  • They [homosexuals] are not allowed to make the same choices as heterosexuals by law (marriage, adoption, etc.)
  • They are treated with contempt and looked down upon by society (being fired from their job after homosexuality is discovered)
  • They are marginalized in many social situations (ignored, beat, mocked)
  • They are not given tax benefits of being married because they cannot marry
  • They cannot receive the same privileges and legal certificates as heterosexuals (marriage certificates adn social status)
  • They are considered inferior and sinners by many religious individuals
     What part of the above list doesn't scream unjust treatment or control? Exactly, none of it does. The entire list demonstrates unjust control of a minority by the majority. The entire list shows unfair treatment of a minority by a majority. Homosexuals are treated in an inferior manner because they are different. Homosexuals are withheld from making choices by law because the majority does not agree with them. What here isn't oppression? Homosexuals are oppressed. And it's those people that say that they are not oppressing homosexuals are the same people that allow oppression to happen; people who don't recognize oppression allowed the Holocaust to happen, they've allowed countless genocides, they've allowed dictatorships, they've caused hundreds of thousands of suicides. In short, those who refuse to recognize oppression are dangerous. People! Wake up, recognize the oppression your causing, and stop!

(I apologize for the poor argumentative nature of this post.This post is really more here to state that homosexuals are being oppressed than to factually argue that they are. This post is more a statement than an argument.)

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