Sunday, February 10, 2013

Homosexuality and "The Golden Rule"

     Most people, both religious and otherwise, claim to believe in the principle of The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. The quote is self-explanatory and very blunt: if you wouldn't want someone doing something to you, don't do it to them, end of story. If you don't want someone oppressing you, don't oppress them. If you don't want someone taking away your choices and rights, don't take away another's choices and rights. If you don't want people hating on you, don't hate others.
     Yet, as always, society is a hypocrite. They claim one thing and practice another. Society says follow The Golden Rule, but then oppresses homosexuals by taking away their rights, choices, and freedoms. Society says that inhibiting people intentionally is wrong, yet it inhibits homosexuals. Society disagrees with the practice of discrimination, yet it discriminates against homosexuals.
     Now I'll turn my attention to religion, specifically Christianity, once again with the following image:

     The Golden Rule is often said to originate from the Christian's Jesus' quote in Matthew 7:12. Not only that, but most religions preach this rule as stated in this article. The picture above clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy of religion concering The Golden Rule. The Golden Rule implies that if one wants to be loved, he/she should love others. Yet the Christian's Jesus seemed to think it was so important that he stated it explicitly. The Christian Jesus, as shown in this picture, means ALL people when he said all people. However, religious people still continue to apply their commandments to only specific groups of people. Despite this, most Christians, and indeed most religious people, choose to ignore this explicit commandment they claim to follow and the derivatives of The Golden Rule.
       Society claims that The Golden Rule is beneficial and should be followed. Religious people claim its a commandment from their God and, as such, must be followed. Yet almost no one does. Society agrees that following The Golden Rule would provide for a healthier and better society; but society inhibits itself by not practicing what it preaches concerning The Golden Rule. If society, especially religion, actually starts following The Golden Rule and applying it to everyone, society would benefit and all people and minorities would no longer he oppressed or harm by the majority.

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