Friday, February 8, 2013

Boy Scouts of America's Homosexuality Policy

     As many of you probably know, the Boy Scouts of America have banned homosexuals for working for their organization throughout its existance. However, this last Wednesday (1/6/13) they were supposed to announce their new policy of allowing homosexual employment in the BSA. They intentionally leaked this information about a week before that date to gauge a reaction from the general public and their supporters. The results were negative. The BSA was begged to drop the policy, or at least out the decision for further discussion. BSA's larger supporter, the Mormon church, was the largest contributor to the BSA's final decision to postpone a decision on their new policy until May.
     I hereby call upon all my readers and all people everywhere to encourage the BSA to enact their pro-homosexual policy this May. This can be done by contacting the BSA on their website or writing a letter to one of their offices as listed on their website. The best person to contact is their public relations contact at It is by the efforts of the people that change will be enacted. We must fight for what we believe in. So please contact David Burke and encourage the BSA to do what is morally and ethically right by enacting their pro-homosexual policies this May.

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