Friday, January 18, 2013

Put On Their Shoes

     I have often heard that the best way to understand another's situation is to place yourself in their shoes. So let's all take off our shoes and put on the shoes of an oppressed group. Since I am currently fighting for homosexuals, I will write about a heterosexual being placed into a homosexual's situation. However, the principles remain the same for any oppressed group.
     Imagine that the nation's population was predominantly homosexual. Now let's have them place the same harsh restrictions, both legally and socially, on the heterosexuals as the majority of the current society places on the homosexuals; you can't marry your opposite-gender lover, you're weird for loving him/her, people openly criticize you for loving a gender not your own, you're an outcast for oyur love, you don't get tax benefits because of your sexual affiliations. How many heterosexuals would like these restrictions? None. Heterosexuals would call these injustices unconstituional, immoral, wrong, hateful, discriminatory. They would hate them. Yet this is what homosexuals face everyday.
     So now I speak directly to all people who fight or believe against the equality of homosexuals: you'd hate these injustices being enacted against you, stop enacting these injustices against homosexuals. In fact, to people everywhere, stop enacting injustices against minorities. You don't want them committed against you, so stop committing them.

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