Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Indictment of Society

     As has been stated countless times on this blog, homosexuals are oppressed by society despite our socities claimed despisal of oppression. Many Americans objected President Bush's signing of a bill to increase trade with China because Americans opposed the poor work condition and oppression of the Chinese workforce. During the Cold War, Americans protested Communism because they believed it oppressed individuals and took away their freedoms. The world was appalled at Hitler's Holocaust and Stalin's "other Holocaust" because of the evils committed and freedoms taken from the oppresed of the respective Holocausts. In short, humans hate the concept of oppression towards anyone. Now, nations, especially Americans, oppress gays and lesbians; Americans and many other nations restrict their freedoms, both legally and socially. The injustices against homosexuals is both morally wrong and hypocritical in all belief and legal systems.
     Every government and religion preaches equality. Democracy wants equal freedoms among all citizens. Socialists want equal oppurtunity among all persons. Communists want equal outcomes among humans everywhere. All major religions teach their members to tolerate others, and many state that others are free to believe as they choose. Yet preach is far removed from practice. Homosexuals are denied marriage in nearly every country. In many countries, homosexuals feelings and practices are still punishable by imprisonment and/or death. Governments support all their citizens and desire their equality, as long as they fit certain social requirements. Most developed countries grant everyone equality under the law, as long as they fit specific social criteria. Religions preach that tolerance is given to all, who believe like them (Crusades ring a bell anyone?). Many major religions claim that a church's beliefs should not affect the laws of the land, yet they openly criticize policies and laws that run counter to their subjective beliefs and encourage their members to strike down laws of tolerance. I will now make an indictment: society is a hypocrite. It crys for tolerance, but only for certain groups. It openly opposes oppression worldwide and will even sacrafice its citizens to end it, for particular peoples. I now beseech everyone in this world: practice what you preach, and tolerate everyone else.
     Simply because you believe somehting does not make it right. People believe differently and behave differently for a reason. Regardless of your beliefs, other people aren't inheritantly evil for acting contrary to your lifestyle. You wouldn't approve of people accussing and punishing you for not living according to their beliefs. Look at the countless rebellions and revolts over being forced to behave and believe in a specific manner. No one wants to be told how to live their private lives. You don't want to be told how to live your private life. No one wants their freedoms restricited just because they differ from society. You don't want your freedoms taken away just because you differ from society. So now I speak directly to every individual on this earth, stop it. Stop oppressing others. Stop hating on others. Stop denying others rights. Stop being hypocrites.
     Open your eyes.

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