Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm Back!/Homosexuality's Future Plight

     I'm finally back to writing in my blog! It's been a long break in which I've had my blog come under fire. But alas I will continue fighting oppression! For the rest of today's article I will be discussing what I forsee to he the issues facing the acceptance of homosexual marriage in society. I have already established the Constitutionality of homosexual marriage, so I will focus mostly on issues concerning the state and social issues.

     All major issues of oppression typically engage in a similar course from legalization of the oppresses cause and social acceptance of the oppressed people/cause. To demonstrate this course, I will summarize it by telling the story of the fight for freedom of African Americans, Jews, and Atheists. Note: these stories will be brief and generalized as each of these subjects can and does take up volumes.

African Americans:
     As we all know, African Americans were oppressed and enslaved for millennia and still are in some parts of the globe. To narrow and simplify my story, I will focus on the their story in the United States immediately after they were freed by the Civil War Amendments.
     Even after black's received freedom, they were oppressed; they couldn't vote, they were tricked back into essential slavery, killed, and they were hated and persecuted with laws that only applied to them (Jim Crow Laws). Both state laws and society continued to oppress African Americans. Even the Supreme Court favored and extended laws discriminating against blacks. It took the blacks over one hundred years to secure equal rights with white people. Blacks incremently went from non-slavery, to voting, to legal equality, to social equality. And it took them a century to do so via the legal system, civil disobedience, and persitance on the part of the African Americans.

     Jews faced many of the same issues as blacks throughout their entire known existance as a religion and people. The Holocaust is the extreme form of the oppression that Jews suffered. Jews were blamed for any unpleasantry that occurred with nearly every country in which they held residence. When Israel was created, many local countries were angered and made laws against Jewish immigration and Jews in general. Even today, Jews are legally and socially oppressed in the Middle East.

     Once upon a time, and even today in some countries, atheists are secured or imprisoned for their beliefs. They were accused, as many minorities are, of being social monstrosities (read The Stranger by Camus for a more detailed account of this situation). As such, many were not granted equal rights both legally and socially. After the founding of a Jew country, and hundreds of years, atheists are now accepted legally, but are still socially oppressed (notice that no American President has been, and most likely never will be, atheist as the majority thinks atheists are moral-less).

     There is a consistent patternn among oppressed groups: legal oppression is overcome, then some legal freedom is gained, freedom is slowly acquired, then finally social freedom is obtained. Not until social freedom is obtained do previously oppressed groups share true equality with the majority. This same pattern will hold true for homosexuals. First they obtained the right to live together and have sex in 2003 by the Supreme Court. Soon, the Supreme Court will rule that homosexuals can marry. But a long and painful path still faces homosexuals. They still have to obtain social equality which may take well over a century from today, but eventually, as long as we (homosexuals and homosexual supporters) remain persistent, homosexuals will obtain equal treatment and acceptance as all people deserve.

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