Sunday, January 27, 2013

Homosexuality Is Not A Sin

     A sin is an act against God*. To act against God, one must perform an action contrary to his values. Many say homosexuality is a sin because God values only love between opposite genders. Today, I will demonstrate how the Christian perception of God dictated that he supports homosexuals and, therefore, homosexuality is not a sin. (God, for now on will refer to the God preached by Christianity)
        God, according to Christians, loves people regardless of how their birth conditions; namely, God loves people whether they're born healthy, blind, deaf, mentally incapacitated, with a damaged heart or lung, with erectile distinction, sterile, or with schizophrenia. God doesn't judge you for circumstances beyond your control, including the conditions with which you may or may not be born with. The logic behind this preaching is sound; if a supposed God genuinely loves his children, than how could he punish them for something they had no control over, for something they coupdnt possibly have control over, for something that happened before they were even born?
     Well, whether you want to believe it or not, it is a fact that sexuality is decided in the womb. In one study discussed in my high school AP Psychology textbook, researches isolated a protein responsible for the outcome of a monkey's sexuality. If this protein was removed while the monkey was in the womb, it would be homosexual without fail. The opposite occurred if the protein was present while the monkey fetus was in the womb. While not ethical to alter an infant's sexuality without their consent (which is impossible to obtain from a fetus), nearly identical proteins are found in the human fetus. This is why identical twins can have differing sexualities, because one fetus has this protein and the other does not.
     If God loves people for who they are regardless of birthed conditions, how can he judge people for their sexuality, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, if its determined before birth? People can't choose their own sexuality, so how can they be blamed for it? God cannot punish someone for something beyond their control, and this includes sexuality. Christians preach God punishes or blesses people for their choices. Sexuality isn't a choice. Therefore, God doesn't bless or punish people for any sexuality. Therefore homosexuality is not a sin, or act against God, because God doesn't punish people for for what they're born as. Now, once again (read my other articles), I ask, if people preach they need to be like God, and God doesn't treat homosexuals differently or call it a sin, then why do his followers?

*Atheists say there is no sin because they believe there is no God. How can one make actions against an imaginary being? Saying there is no sin does not mean atheists don't believe in wrong and right or moral behaviors. It just means that they don't believe in acting against and unreal being.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Homosexuality and Religion

    Religion is, without a doubt, the largest opponent of homosexuality. Most religions claim its ungodly, sinful, and preach against it openly. Some religions try to convince people to change their sexuality and most religions contribute greatly to society's negative perspective of homosexuals. Religions oppress homosexuals in the aforementioned manners despite their own teachings. Today I will illustrate how various major religions' preachings dictate that they should not oppose homosexuality (not necessarily support it, but not to preach against it).

Catholics, Mormons, and Christians:
     Though not a specific denomination, many Christian religions share many beliefs and value, therefore I will discuss them all as one. Also, note that some Christian denominations support homosexuals, so this is only talking about the denominations against homosexuality. Catholics, Mormons, and Christians preach that we are all are children of God. Like a good parent, Catholics and Christians also claim that God loves all his children. Part of love is tolerance and acceptance, and loving someone for who they are. These three religions also claim that it is men should judge not. So now I ask, if they preach to not judge, then why do they judge homosexuals? If God loves them unconditionally and tolerates and accepts them, then why don't Catholics, Mormons, and Christians? If you're supposed to become more like God, then shouldn't you also love, accept, and tolerate like God? If God says treat all people equally (consider the parable of the woman Jesus saves from the Pharisees who wanted to stone her and his healing of everyone, even sinners), than why don't these religions treat homosexuals equally? These religions preach that their members should be like their God who loves unconditionally and accepts everyone. As such, so should their members.

Hindus and Buddhists:
     The Hindu and Buddhist religions believe and preach the concept of Karma. Which, according to religionfact is: "The Sanskirt word karma means "actions" and refers to the fundamental Hindu principle that one's moral actions have unavoidable and automatic effects on one's fortunes in this life and condition of rebirth in the next." Basically, do good and good happens to you and do bad and bad happens to you. When Hindus were themselves oppressed in their own country, karma dictated that the British be punished for their crimes. A successful revolution threw out the occupying British. Then, according to karma, the actions of people against homosexuals will come around and punish them. If you accept and tolerate homosexuals and love them unconditionally, your good deeds will reward you later. If one believes in the concept of karma, then they should accept homosexuals as it is right and a good action with a beneficial consequence for all.

     The following quote comes from ezsoftech: "In surah Al-Room Allah (SWT) says, "And one of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your tongues and colors; most surely there are signs in this for the learned." Noble Qur'an (30:22)

With this verse, Islam declares equality among people as one human race, one humanity, that is because Islam respect a human for being a human not for any other reason; Islam does not distinguish between two races, or two groups of people, or between two colors, and the Prophet Muhammad (saw) addressed the people signifying that concept during the last Hajj pilgrimage, saying: "O People! Your God is one; your father is one; no preference of an Arab neither over non-Arab nor of a non-Arab over an Arab or red over black or black over red except for the most righteous. Verily the most honored of you is the most righteous."" Muslims actually have the best claim for not being hypocrites when oppressing homosexuals; this is because the Prophet Muhammad said that the more righteous are above the less righteous. Therefore, if Muslims claim that homosexuality is unrighteous (I will argue in my next article), then they can claim that heterosexuals are above homosexuals. However, Islam still preaches equality and thus, even if Muslims consider homosexuals as inferiors, they must still be treated and loved equally by Muslims everywhere.

     Every major religion preaches equality; tolerance, acceptance, and unconditional love for all people. Yet relatively few religious people apply this belief to homosexuals. All religous people, if they truly believe in their religion, must accept, tolerate, and love homosexuals as equal. They need not like homosexuality, but they need to love and accept them as they claim to. Religion is the biggest opponent of homosexuality, yet their values support the acceptance of homosexuals. Simply out, religion needs to stop their hypocrisy by ending their oreachings against homosexuals.

Note: There are two thesises (thesi?) that were left unargued in this article, namely how religion greatly contributes to societies negative perspective of homosexuals and why homosexuality isn't a sin. These two points will be argued in upcoming articles. Also, if you haven't noticed, I've been arguing how current values of societies should support acceptance of homosexuals, but don't. These articles also argue why those values should still be applied to homosexuals. This general trend will continue for several articles, so take note. Finally, I'm an avaid atheist. I know what I know about these religions from my childhood and avid research for the writing of this article. Thank you my few readers for believing in me and minorities.

Friday, January 18, 2013


     In has come to mind that admist my fight for the equal rights of homosexuals, I never mentioned Transexuals or Bisexuals. I support all minorities and all forms of consenting sexuality and equality for everyone. As such, I support Transexuasl and Bisexuals as well. I apologize of not making note of this earlier.

Put On Their Shoes

     I have often heard that the best way to understand another's situation is to place yourself in their shoes. So let's all take off our shoes and put on the shoes of an oppressed group. Since I am currently fighting for homosexuals, I will write about a heterosexual being placed into a homosexual's situation. However, the principles remain the same for any oppressed group.
     Imagine that the nation's population was predominantly homosexual. Now let's have them place the same harsh restrictions, both legally and socially, on the heterosexuals as the majority of the current society places on the homosexuals; you can't marry your opposite-gender lover, you're weird for loving him/her, people openly criticize you for loving a gender not your own, you're an outcast for oyur love, you don't get tax benefits because of your sexual affiliations. How many heterosexuals would like these restrictions? None. Heterosexuals would call these injustices unconstituional, immoral, wrong, hateful, discriminatory. They would hate them. Yet this is what homosexuals face everyday.
     So now I speak directly to all people who fight or believe against the equality of homosexuals: you'd hate these injustices being enacted against you, stop enacting these injustices against homosexuals. In fact, to people everywhere, stop enacting injustices against minorities. You don't want them committed against you, so stop committing them.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Indictment of Society

     As has been stated countless times on this blog, homosexuals are oppressed by society despite our socities claimed despisal of oppression. Many Americans objected President Bush's signing of a bill to increase trade with China because Americans opposed the poor work condition and oppression of the Chinese workforce. During the Cold War, Americans protested Communism because they believed it oppressed individuals and took away their freedoms. The world was appalled at Hitler's Holocaust and Stalin's "other Holocaust" because of the evils committed and freedoms taken from the oppresed of the respective Holocausts. In short, humans hate the concept of oppression towards anyone. Now, nations, especially Americans, oppress gays and lesbians; Americans and many other nations restrict their freedoms, both legally and socially. The injustices against homosexuals is both morally wrong and hypocritical in all belief and legal systems.
     Every government and religion preaches equality. Democracy wants equal freedoms among all citizens. Socialists want equal oppurtunity among all persons. Communists want equal outcomes among humans everywhere. All major religions teach their members to tolerate others, and many state that others are free to believe as they choose. Yet preach is far removed from practice. Homosexuals are denied marriage in nearly every country. In many countries, homosexuals feelings and practices are still punishable by imprisonment and/or death. Governments support all their citizens and desire their equality, as long as they fit certain social requirements. Most developed countries grant everyone equality under the law, as long as they fit specific social criteria. Religions preach that tolerance is given to all, who believe like them (Crusades ring a bell anyone?). Many major religions claim that a church's beliefs should not affect the laws of the land, yet they openly criticize policies and laws that run counter to their subjective beliefs and encourage their members to strike down laws of tolerance. I will now make an indictment: society is a hypocrite. It crys for tolerance, but only for certain groups. It openly opposes oppression worldwide and will even sacrafice its citizens to end it, for particular peoples. I now beseech everyone in this world: practice what you preach, and tolerate everyone else.
     Simply because you believe somehting does not make it right. People believe differently and behave differently for a reason. Regardless of your beliefs, other people aren't inheritantly evil for acting contrary to your lifestyle. You wouldn't approve of people accussing and punishing you for not living according to their beliefs. Look at the countless rebellions and revolts over being forced to behave and believe in a specific manner. No one wants to be told how to live their private lives. You don't want to be told how to live your private life. No one wants their freedoms restricited just because they differ from society. You don't want your freedoms taken away just because you differ from society. So now I speak directly to every individual on this earth, stop it. Stop oppressing others. Stop hating on others. Stop denying others rights. Stop being hypocrites.
     Open your eyes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Social Acceptance

     Yesterday's post is a great prelude to what I will he discussing in this blog over the next few weeks: social acceptance of homosexuals. I've already states where there is no legal or constitutional basis for homosexuality and how it is a natural sexuality. I will now be discussing why society should accept homosexuals unconditionally and why, regardless of your beliefs, not accepting homosexuals is morally wrong. Stay tuned to the blog and tell your friends!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Updated Blog

     So up until my last post, this blog has been entirely written on my Android, including this post. I discovered how much power Blogger offers via its templates on a computer. I have used these tools to update the blog as such:

*A slew of social networking shortcuts to make it simple to redistribute this blog's articles to the general internet. I encourage everyone to use these tools to spread the message of equality.

*Several ways to follow this blog in a convenient manner including RSS and email.

*A blog search bar below each article

*Blog pageviews in the footer

*Google Translate options to read this blog in many languages

     Thank you my beloved readers and please help spread the word!

Update: United States v. Windsor

     Today I will offer only a short update on the homosexual Supreme Courst case of Windsor v. Untied States: the Supreme Court has set a schedule for the filing of the various party briefs and amicus cure briefs found here. In addition, the Supreme Court has scheduled argument for this case on Wednesday, March 27, 2013.


I've decided to drop all hopes of a schedule as I'm very busy and could never stick to it. I will right as often as I can. Check daily for articles!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm Back!/Homosexuality's Future Plight

     I'm finally back to writing in my blog! It's been a long break in which I've had my blog come under fire. But alas I will continue fighting oppression! For the rest of today's article I will be discussing what I forsee to he the issues facing the acceptance of homosexual marriage in society. I have already established the Constitutionality of homosexual marriage, so I will focus mostly on issues concerning the state and social issues.

     All major issues of oppression typically engage in a similar course from legalization of the oppresses cause and social acceptance of the oppressed people/cause. To demonstrate this course, I will summarize it by telling the story of the fight for freedom of African Americans, Jews, and Atheists. Note: these stories will be brief and generalized as each of these subjects can and does take up volumes.

African Americans:
     As we all know, African Americans were oppressed and enslaved for millennia and still are in some parts of the globe. To narrow and simplify my story, I will focus on the their story in the United States immediately after they were freed by the Civil War Amendments.
     Even after black's received freedom, they were oppressed; they couldn't vote, they were tricked back into essential slavery, killed, and they were hated and persecuted with laws that only applied to them (Jim Crow Laws). Both state laws and society continued to oppress African Americans. Even the Supreme Court favored and extended laws discriminating against blacks. It took the blacks over one hundred years to secure equal rights with white people. Blacks incremently went from non-slavery, to voting, to legal equality, to social equality. And it took them a century to do so via the legal system, civil disobedience, and persitance on the part of the African Americans.

     Jews faced many of the same issues as blacks throughout their entire known existance as a religion and people. The Holocaust is the extreme form of the oppression that Jews suffered. Jews were blamed for any unpleasantry that occurred with nearly every country in which they held residence. When Israel was created, many local countries were angered and made laws against Jewish immigration and Jews in general. Even today, Jews are legally and socially oppressed in the Middle East.

     Once upon a time, and even today in some countries, atheists are secured or imprisoned for their beliefs. They were accused, as many minorities are, of being social monstrosities (read The Stranger by Camus for a more detailed account of this situation). As such, many were not granted equal rights both legally and socially. After the founding of a Jew country, and hundreds of years, atheists are now accepted legally, but are still socially oppressed (notice that no American President has been, and most likely never will be, atheist as the majority thinks atheists are moral-less).

     There is a consistent patternn among oppressed groups: legal oppression is overcome, then some legal freedom is gained, freedom is slowly acquired, then finally social freedom is obtained. Not until social freedom is obtained do previously oppressed groups share true equality with the majority. This same pattern will hold true for homosexuals. First they obtained the right to live together and have sex in 2003 by the Supreme Court. Soon, the Supreme Court will rule that homosexuals can marry. But a long and painful path still faces homosexuals. They still have to obtain social equality which may take well over a century from today, but eventually, as long as we (homosexuals and homosexual supporters) remain persistent, homosexuals will obtain equal treatment and acceptance as all people deserve.

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