Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Make It Stop!

Watch "Rise Against - Make It Stop (September's Children)" on YouTube

     This video introduces the first minority for which I will fight for: homosexuals. For those who don't know, the Supreme Court has picked up there cases concerning homosexuality last Friday, which I will detail tomorrow. As the oppression against homosexuals is so close to taking a major leap forward, I will focus on them first.
     This video cries out against the oppression against gays and lesbians. In addition, it speaks of the horrible last resort many bullied homosexuals elect, suicide. The names listed in the song are homosexuals that have committed suicide due to oppression for their homosexuality (there has been some people saying that not all the named people are gay. If so, sorry guys for the mislabeling, but it is irrelevant to the message of the song).
     I encourage all to take this Rise Against's Make It Stop message to heart and realize the horrors people cause when they oppress minorities.

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