Sunday, December 16, 2012

In A Bottle

     This article from Naple News summarizes the majority of my arguments quite well. Though very shallow, and somewhat poorly written (no offense Naples), it covers many issues concerning the oppression of homosexuals involving marriage. I will cover many of these topics and arguments in more depth in what I have written and will write. Enjoy!

Being gay doesn't mean that a person is un-American, or unpatriotic. Gay people are citizens of this country and should enjoy the same rights under the constitution as their heterosexual brethren. The constitution was written for all our citizens, not just heterosexuals.

Homosexuals should have the right to enjoy life to the fullest under the constitution. They shouldn't be treated as second class citizens. That is not a liberal or conservative belief. The constitution and the Bill of Rights wasn't written just for either liberals or consevatives. It was written for everyone.

Government should be kept out of people's bedrooms. To deny marriage to a certain segment of the population is discrimination. There is nothing in the constitution or the Bill of Rights that says anything about who can be married. It wasn't long ago that two people from a different race were denied marriage. That law was repealed, and now most people don't think anything about two people of different races marrying.

Gay people have been discriminated against and persecuted for centuries just because they have a different way of expressing their love for someone else. It is cruel to deny marriage to two people who are in a loving relationship just because they are of the same gender. Marriage should be about love between two people. Marriage should be a fundamental right for all our citizens and not just for the majority who happen to be heterosexual. Our laws should be for all people, not just for the majority. Under our laws, minorities need protection from the majority.

Denying homosexuals their rights under rule of law, is to do great damage to the individual. Is is humane to treat some people as less than human just because you disagree with their lifestyle? No one is asked to approve of the way your neighbor lives. Being law abiding citizens should be the criteria as to who should be married. Even prisoners are allowed to marry who they want.

People have had to struggle and fight for their rights as human beings for thousands of years. We are still doing the same. Gay people have made a lot of progress in the past half century, and they still have a long way to go before they are recognized as having the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts. It's not easy to do away with the old taboos against gay people. In some countries, gay people can be imprisoned and even put to death for being in a homosexual relationship. Even in this country, it wasn't long ago that gay people were made the objects of cruel jokes and even persecuted. We are gradually overcoming the obstacles of stereotyping people. We are all part of the human race, and we must learn to respect and tolerate other people's differences.

Some of the foes of gay marriage say that marriage should be about procreation. That is not true. Marriage should be about love and caring between two people. Lots of people get married who don't procreate. People get married because they want love and companionship from someone they are attracted to whether it be physically or emotionally or both. People get married because they want someone to leave their estate to when they die and to be there when they get sick or old. People get married for many reasons.

Gay people want for themselves what other people take for granted. When proposition 8 in California was debated on, opponents of gay marriage told all kinds of lies about gay people so that the law giving gays the right to marry should be overturned. They told people that gays are deviants, that they would take over the school system and teach that homosexuality is a superior lifestyle and other things that were not true. The Catholic church and other fundamentalist religions have always been in the forefront of denying gays their constitutional rights.

Religious people who are against homosexuality and who call it a sin, have a right to their opinions, but they don't have a right to deny other people their constitutional rights to marry and live and enjoy the same rights that religious people who are against homosexuality. Religions that are against gay marriage say that children are better off with a mother and father of a differnt gender, but there is no evidence to support that claim. Children need love and caring parents, and their gender doesn't matter.

Marriage is for affectionate and loving people. To deny them their rights under the constitution is to do great harm to the individuals involved. The constitution wasn't written just for Catholics and other fundamentalists. It was written for homosexuals just as much as for heterosexuals.

Under the constitution of this country, all people are supposed to be created equal. If only a certain segment of our society is allowed to marry, then where is the equality? The right of same sex couples to marry is not a new right. It is in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights says nothing about excluding gay people from what heterosexuals take for granted. The Bill of Rights says nothing about same sex marriage being evil or sinful. The constitution is not a religious document. Our laws are based on the rights of the individual and not fundamental religious beliefs. Our laws are supposed to be non-discriminatory.

Blacks have been fighting for their rights for centuries. At one time the Chinese in this country had no rights, and now they have. Native Americans haven't had many rights since the white man came to this country. People have to continue to fight for their rights. Gay people will continue to fight for their rights until they are accepted as being equal to everyone else and until they are given the same rights that heterosexuals enjoy. The fight for human rights is a never ending struggle against the tyranny of fundamentalists whether they be religious or political.

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