Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homosexual Biology

READ THIS INTRODUCTION before watching the video. This video may become my most controversial post, so I must explain before you watch this video. Homosexuality is NOT a disorder. The video below explains a theory, which is increasingly gaining supporting evidences, about the biological differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals. My fear with this theory is that homophobes will begin to call homosexuals "diseased" and seek "treatments" for them.
     Every race is genetically different, yet every race is equally protected by the laws and Constitution of the United States. Many disabled people are genetically different from healthy people, yet they benefit from the same rights as everyone else. Why then are homosexuals treated differently? They are people too, and they are genetically different, so why are they compressed? I hope that this theory will be proven and society will begin to treat homosexuals equally.

Note: I also hope this discovery proves to religons that homosexuality is not a "sin". Various races aren't sinning for their genetics, why are homosexual?

Watch "National Geographic explains the biology of homosexuality" on YouTube

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